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   Discover higher performance than ever before. With WP Rocket, you can instantly see a huge improvement in your website’s performance and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score. (including Key Web Data)


   Designed for WordPress and constantly updated to keep up with the latest web performance requirements, WP Rocket not only speeds up your load time, but also dramatically improves your overall website performance to help you meet the most important PageSpeed ​​Insights recommendations.

Save time: Leave the heavy lifting to us

WP Rocket offers ready-to-use results with 80% of web performance best practices implemented immediately after activation.

  As soon as the plugin is installed and activated, your site will benefit from WP Rocket. Forget configuration hassles: setup takes 3 minutes to get you a faster website in a few clicks.

  You don’t need to be a techie or touch the code, the default configuration will do its magic right away. Let us do the work for you with WP Rocket!


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WP Rocket Settings


WP Rocket automatically integrates over 80% of web performance good practices. Even if none of its options are enabled, your website load time will be significantly reduced.

There is no recommended WP Rocket configuration that can be used on every site. Themes, plugins and hosting environments can vary greatly. Therefore, some settings will work differently on different websites.

There are even settings like file optimization that will work just fine on one site but not at all on another. That’s why sometimes completely disabling a setting may be your best bet! On the other hand, a number of key features such as page caching, browser caching and GZIP compression are fully automatic; they don’t even show up on your settings page, but they silently work their magic and make your site faster without having to lift a finger. One of the best options for faster loading websites is WP Rocket!

Optimal Settings for Configuration

   Please use the following process when testing options in WP Rocket:

Activate the options one by one, not everything at once.
After each option you have enabled, check your site in a browser window where you are not logged into WordPress. Incognito/private window works fine. By doing this, you will be able to immediately see if a particular option is causing any problems.
Check several page types on your site. If anything doesn’t look right, don’t panic! Disable the last option you enabled and your site will be back to normal.

My wordpress site is very slow

Do not worry. You’ve already solved 80% of the work by enabling WP Rocket. Now follow the instructions below!

So you have enabled WP Rocket. And now you’re wondering: “How do I get the best results for my site?” The truth is that every site has a different theme, different plugins and different content. So the best settings vary from site to site. We will show you the safest way to experiment, with the most commonly used WP Rocket settings.

The goal is always to make your site faster, and enabling more options does not always result in more speed. So don’t worry if you can’t open everything. But how will you know your site is faster? By doing a speed test of course! It’s always a good idea for benchmarking to run a speed test before and after configuring.

It may not be a good idea to enable all options at once. Because if you encounter any problem on your site, you will not know which option is causing it. So you have to enable them one by one. There is no need to clear the cache after enabling an option. WP Rocket will take care of this for you. To check, open a window where you are not logged in to wordpress (Incognito tab is ideal for this.) In this way, you can check whether the last setting you activated is corrupting the pages. If something doesn’t look right, don’t panic! All you have to do is uncheck the last option you enabled and your site will be back to normal. If everything looks fine, move on to the next option.

You can experience all the recommendations in your WP Rocket panel for yourself.


WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin that helps you improve your website loading speed and SEO ranking. In addition, it also offers various automated features such as file optimization, recovery of late-loaded images and much more.

Fixing these flaws leads to faster loading times on mobile and computers, and better results in performance tests and search engines, ultimately creating an improved browsing experience for page visitors.

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It works with any theme that complies with WordPress coding standards.

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